Charm of Chinese New Year 

Children’s Animated Short Video Shows

Charm of Chinese New Year Children’s Animated Short Video Shows presents eleven short videos in the forms of 2D animation, stop-motion animation, etc. targeting at children and themed on Chinese New Year, which of draw inspiration from Spring Festival culture, traditional customs, and the Twelve  Zodiac Animals culture and combines them with elements from  traditional Chinese operas and the Winter Olympics. All animated short videos were created by young animators from  the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and convey good wishes for family reunion, harmony and health.

Beijing Thirteen Popular Ice & Snow Games

Twelve Zodiac Animals Celebrate Spring Festival

Twelve Zodiac Animals Celebrate Spring Festival(Paper Cutting Version)

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger with Traditional Operas

Welcome the Year of the Tiger

The Adventure of Chinese Dumpling

Against the Monster Nian


Shadow Play on Ice

Secrets Hidden in the Painting Ice Play

The Cradle of Skiing