Season’s Greetings from Chinese animation

Scan the QR Code and for viewing H5 interactive program with hand-drawn long picture style

Ten works from 10 Chinese animation companies are selected for the activity of Season’s Greetings from Chinese Animation. Most of these animations have been broadcast overseas, especially in “Belt and Road” countries.

Each animation work provides a 1-3 minute short video (foreign language dubbing or subtitle translation has been carried out), which can be promoted and played on the official website or local registered social media in combination with the work introduction, poster, link to the whole play and other publicity content.

For the spread of these animation works, we also produced an H5 interactive program with hand-drawn long picture style, which can be viewed and shared through mobile phone under any network condition.

Chinese excellent animation hopes to bring joy and blessings to overseas children and their families when Chinese New Year is coming.