Intangible Cultural Heritage Documentary

Five-episode Documentary “City Wall”

The five-episode cultural documentary series “City Wall” expounds on the far-reaching historical and cultural significance of the ancient Ming and Qing city walls in China, with the main focus on the City Wall of Nanjing, covering the efforts of 14 different cities and their attempts to have their Ming and Qing city walls be designated as World Heritage Sites.

Using the Ming City Wall as a starting point, “City Wall” explores a variety of issues, including the relationship between city walls and traditional Chinese culture, their political and economical influence in the Ming and Qing dynasties spanning over 500 years, their connection to the Chinese military, how these walls could “make or break” a city’s development, and the cultural significance and impact these walls still have on people’s lives today. The series offers an in-depth introduction to Ming and Qing city walls and expounds on the historical significance and influence these walls have had throughout Chinese history.


Episode 1 “The Imperial Capital”

Episode 2 “City Wall”

Episode 3 “City Wall Bricks”

Episode 4 “Offense and Defense”

Episode 5 “Time”

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Intangible Cultural Heritage Documentary

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