Good Fortune for “Niu” Year, Happy Spring Festival

With the approaching of the Spring Festival of 2021, an online celebration, Good Fortune for “Niu” Year (the year of cow), Happy Spring Festival, has been planned and promoted by Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

We intend to display the happy and auspicious atmosphere in the traditional celebration of Chinese Spring Festival through various forms and from various perspectives, and send our best wishes to the people as well. The activities include a teaching of ink wash painting  “Paint ‘Niu’ in Niu Year”, and a flash mob “Enjoy Chinese Spring Festival Together”.

“Paint ‘Niu’ in Niu Year” Teaching of Ink Wash Painting

2021 is the year of cow in China’s lunar calender.Written as “牛” and pronounced as “Niu”, the cow has been praised for its diligence, bravery, benevolence and balance in China. This video send the best wishes in the Spring Festival of “Niu” year to oversea friends through my ink wash painting of “Niu”.

“Enjoy Chinese Spring Festival Together” Flash Mob

Spring Festival is the start of a Chinese lunar year and has been regarded as the most important and best celebrated festival by the Chinese people. It is a symbol of unity and prosperity and bears people’s hope for a better future. During the festival period, Chinese families prepare and stock special goods, write couplets, entertain Shehuo (festival entertainment, e.g. acrobatics) , watch decorated lanterns, enjoy delicious food, and welcome the coming of the Chinese new year in a cheerful mood…